Be A Bright-Eyed Super-Mom

The indescribable joy of being a mom is something only other moms can understand. The other thing they understand is that it’s not all sweet smiles and happy gurgles. The reality is that exhaustion is very much a part of being a mom, as is weight gain and lack of time to do the usual health and beauty activities you might have done before having children. Mommy makeover San Diego is a set of surgeries that not only help put your body back into shape, but are also designed to do it all in one, so you can be back doing all the wonderful mommy things as soon as possible. Eyelid surgery San Diego is also a fabulous solution to getting rid of bags under the eyes or droopy eyelids, opening your whole face up with a brighter and more alert, healthy look.


Of course, eating well and getting enough exercise are always the first step in ensuring your body bounces back after pregnancy. But even if you are hugely vigilant in eating a well-balanced, organic diet and doing the prescribed amount of exercise, whether it’s a daily yoga routine, a jog in the park or a session at the gym, there are a few things that don’t always bounce back the way you want them to. Take your breasts, for example – your body is so beautifully designed to provide essential nourishment for your baby, and your breasts fill with milk to make this possible. That also means your breasts grow quite substantially, which many women love. But when breast feeding is over and they shrink back to your normal size, they are unlikely to be as firm as before. No amount of exercise will help that. A mommy makeover San Diego includes breast surgery – whether you just need a lift or an increase in size.


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The other aspect addressed by a mommy makeover San Diego is the abdominal area, which is the region most stretched during pregnancy. Of course, your skin and muscles are designed to retract once baby is born, but often there’s a stubborn little bit of loose skin or fat that refuses to budge. By removing excess skin and fat, this aspect of a mommy makeover San Diego will result in a much flatter, more toned stomach, meaning you really can get back into those favorite jeans.


Exhaustion, weight gain and hormonal fluctuations can cause your body to hold excess fluid as well as reduce your skin’s elasticity. If your eyes seem to be puffy all the time, or your eyelids are droopy and there are bags that won’t budge under your eyes, then eyelid surgery San Diego can make all the difference. It’s a relatively simple procedure that removes excess skin above or below the eyelids to give you a fresher look.


If you are feeling a little less like your old self and want an enduring and highly effective solution, consider cosmetic surgery – but ensure that you do your research and use a board-certified surgeon who will take all your needs and lifestyle into account.